Getting Fitted

Every year there are surveys done which show that most women are wearing the wrong size bra. The percentage varies with each survey, but it’s normally between 80-90%, and that got me questioning why. I decided to go into Northampton town and get fitted by two main high street shops who offer a fitting service and see what might put people off!

The first shop I went in was one I had an appointment with, and they took me to their changing room specifically for fittings. It had a curtain across for the customer and a separate door, so you are never facing out to the shop. They measured me using a tape measure, and measured it loosely around my rib cage. The assistant brought back the same style of bra that I had on, a plunge, and within 5 minutes, I was out and being pointed at 5 bras, all the same style, just assorted colours and being told to go for one of them. Size: 34D/DD

The next shop didn’t have a specific changing room, so while being measured (again with a tape measure) I could be seen from the shop floor. This time the assistant pulled the tape tight around my rib cage and again picked me one bra from the same style that I had on. While this fitted well in the cups, the back strap was about 3 inches higher than it should have been. Again, I was out in 5 minutes, having been told to go downstairs and look for two brand names. Size: 32D

My correct size is 34C so while neither of the shops put me in something massively different, they also didn’t get me in the right size or bra for my needs.

At no point did any of them ask how my current bras were feeling, or what I was looking for. I’m not afraid to speak up to retailers and be clear with what I want, but if you are feeling nervous, your key needs could easily be overlooked. It was interesting to me that both shops asked the question of ‘How does that look?’ rather than ‘How does that feel?’. It might be a small difference, but we wear our bras all day every day and no-one knows our bodies like we do, so we need to be comfortable!

Here at Sheer Delights, we do things a bit differently. We also have curtains between the fitting rooms and the boutique so you will never have the worry of being seen by other browsing customers. Before I put you in any bra, we will have a chat about how your current bras are feeling, what brands you have brought before, what styles you like, when you last got fitted, etc. From this, I can then start the fitting with a selection of our ranges to find you the perfect fit. There are no tape measures involved and the only time I will have any contact with you, is to adjust the straps and check the tension in the back. We offer a relaxed and non-invasive fitting service, with you at the heart of it.

To find your perfect fit, pop in to see me at Sheer Delights, Old Dairy Farm, no appointment needed. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @SheerDelights1 for all the latest information, or go to

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