Although I am a chartered accountant and started my career working for retail businesses, I have always wanted to run my own business. I have also been a big fan of lovely lingerie so Sheer Delights was the perfect opportunity! My Mum always encouraged me to wear nice, matching lingerie as it's something that makes you feel special, confident and beautiful that no-one else has to know about, and that has stuck with me for years! I hope to be able to pass this message on to women of all ages and help them find their perfect match!




Sheer Delights was originally started back in February 2003 by Lizzie and Andrea. They built up the business over the next 14 years and in Feb 2017, we, Becky & Tom, took over the business. Our aim is to provide beautiful and great quality lingerie and swimwear all year round, and to provide our customers with a personable service. Becky is a professionally trained bra fitter, and you don't need to book an appointment for fitting. Just pop by and we can get you fitted!

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  Fitting service


Did you know 80% of women are wearing the wrong size bra? Did you know it's also really easy to not be in the 80%? Our bodies are constantly changing, so it's really important that you get fitted regularly! The right size for you won't dig in, won't leave marks, won't sit away from your skin!

Just pop in and see us for a free fitting, with no appointment necessary. Becky is a professionally trained fitter and was trained using a method which doesn't involve tape measures! We have 2 discrete changing rooms with plenty of privacy from the rest of the shop!


Here at Sheer Delights, we value each and every one of our customers. We keep customer cards for everyone who wants one, which include your contact details so we can send you offers and information on new products, as well as your latest size. So, if you want to send your someone else in to get you a present, we can make sure they get you the right size and we can also help point them in the direction of the sets you love!

Our customer cards also mean you can take advantage of our Refer A Friend offer. Please see our Offers page for more details.